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So, we're focused, auto-guiding and good to go....well, almost. One final check. Sometime the auto-guider calibration doesn't return to exactly where it started. So you might want to run a short test exposure to ensure the target is centred, or framed however you want it to be.

My Step 1 ensured that AstroArt 4 is configured to save the images in the right folder. I usually enter a meaningful name, such as "NGC 891 300s ", to indicate the target and the exposure. If you use AstroArt's Image Sequence collection facility it will automatically append 001, 002, 003, etc. Select 'Autosave' otherwise you will be disappointed after two hours 'collecting' when you find no images!!

That's it - press Start and away she goes. I usually watch the first one to ensure the guiding and everything else is working well.

I've recently started using AstroArt's script facilites to automate the image collection and to park the telescope after the end of my session. I'll write about this sometime in the future. 

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