I trained as a software engineer, so I find this aspect of astrophotography really interesting. Why do you need software for astrophotography?

Well, depending on your set-up, you might have a Planetarium programme for planning your sessions and controlling where your telescope is pointed. Then there is software to capture the images, either from your webcam or your CCD.

Once your images have been captured they will need processing. The type of processing depends on the type of camera: for webcam images (typically recorded as a .avi video stream), you need software like Registax to stack the best frames; for CCD images, you need a different programme which specialised image processing capabiities. Last but not least, you might want to do the final processing and touching up with something like Photoshop.

There are some many programmes out there. I can't cover them all, but I will talk about my set-up.


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