A nice mosaic of the Alphonsus, Arzachel and Ptolemaeus chain taken on 14th April 2008. LX90 @ f/20. Three images, each best of 1500 frames. 

Crater Archimedes, 83km wide and 2.1 km deep. The crater lacks a central peak, flooded by basaltic 'maria' material. LX90 @ f/20.

Copernicus crater, 93 km wide and 3.8 km deep. The shadows hide the central peak, but you can see the ejecta outside the crater which contributes to its ray system, visible at full moon. LX90 @ f/20.

A lunar montage, featuring an f/5 central view of the waxing moon with f/10 inset images and one f/20 image of Tycho.

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