Welcome to my observatory home page. I'm an amateur astronomer and astro-imager in rural south-west England near 50° 46'N, 2° 34'W.

Although an amateur astronomer since a young boy, it's only in the last few years that I've been able to invest in some reasonable equipment and a modest observatory to house it all. Then there's the investment in time and effort to learn the basics.


My main interests are imaging galaxies and - when the opportunities arise - planets. But everyone does those, so I'm looking for additional projects where I feel like I'm not just following the usual targets. For example, quasars, galaxy clusters, dwarf planets and comets are things I hope to do more work on in the near future.

So, if any of the more experienced of you would like to suggest ideas, I'd love to know. Thanks for looking.


Since 24th November 2008 

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